:: January 5, 2014 ::

Happy New Year! Added some new Copic marker illustrations in the 2D section. I'm planning to upload some beginner-level 3D fractal art using Mandelbulb 3D, complementing my earlier experimentation with Ultra Fractal.

:: September 2, 2013 ::

Updated the 2D art with 8 new digital paintings/sketches that I've completed since the last update. While there aren't as many new things to show, it's partially because I'm spending a bit more time and care on each, and I hope it shows. Also updated the writing section with a couple new stories (and fixed missing entries due to Null values in the mySQL database).

:: January 29, 2012 ::

I do update, really I do, but I seem to always forget to write something here. So I'm writing something here. First! Why are there so few CGs/songs in 2011? That is because I spent the whole middle of the year making an animation (with full score) to propose to someone very special, so my muse took an extended vacation somewhere nice and sunny (i.e. not here). Also, I have an infinite amount of WIPs that I don't have time to finish, but I'll eventually get around to them, or I'll just upload them incomplete haha. I've also been making a lot of scientific art which isn't worth putting up here out of context. Maybe one day I'll make a separate section for that?

Second! I made a new subsection of 2D for a new thing I got into recently upon discovering a lab tool that I could use to cut anything I want out of paper and cardstock. I had originally wanted to use this cool device for making wedding invitations, but it's better suited for small-scale, unique card production. In the spirit of full disclosure, I don't make the flowery patterns or whatnot in the paper (they came that way), I just draw all the lines I want cut (using Flash and Illustrator), let the Silhouette do its magic, and then assemble! Very fun, except when the paper gets jammed or the blade cuts incompletely.

I'm also going to try to bring back my mini-comics section. I took them down because they're so poorly drawn, but since I have archives of tons of lousy stuff up here already, may as well bring those back, too.

:: October 6, 2009 ::

I'm going to try keeping this site in sync with (or ahead of!) my blog from now on. Here's the latest CG! It was born from a sketch I did in the library, which was in turn inspired by a scene I imagined from my trip to Walden Pond. I wanted to capture the a youthful intimacy of a spritely love blossoming between two people who have already become "adults" ... and practice a new style of shading as well.

:: September 26, 2009 ::

It's been a year, but I'm still around! I have updated the music and 2-D art sections with new works as well as an improved (hopefully) layout. I do have some 3-D and cooking material to upload but that's a lower priority. Enjoy!

:: August 29, 2008 ::

Pages are being uploaded one by one. I've added a few songs to the music section, and I've begun formatting my recipes for online viewing. The essay and 3d sections are currently inactive, but I hope to make those sections this weekend.

:: May 21, 2008 ::

I'm getting rid of inline frames and replacing them with php code to manage the site more easily and also get rid of the weird scrollbar that becomes necessary with frames.

Gallery page is now the way it should be. Uploaded a new CG from yesterday.

:: May 17, 2008 ::

Welcome to Aquamarine Stardust!

This new layout is still under construction, but it's a whole ton better than the old one, so please stay tuned. I need to transfer a lot of my files to my new computer in order to upload them (writing, music, artworks, recipes, etc.). At least I can now access this website via FTP again!!! >__< Grr @ not being to do so for a looooong time (like a year. blah.)

I'm finally graduating from MIT this year, so I hope I have a bit of time to gather all my creations together and make this site functional after finals are all done. It'll be quite an undertaking, but I'll also try to add a few new works.