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10-14 oz.


1 pkg (1 oz.)

cheese (Monterey Jack, Colby, your favorite)
red bell pepper
red onion
any meat, diced - I prefer chicken breast or shrimp (optional)
black pepper
seasoning mix (pre-packaged, or use paprika+cayenne powder)
vegetable oil
salsa, sour cream, guacamole (opt.)

:: 1 :: Dice onions, peppers, and meat until fine.

:: 2 :: If using meat, coat diced chunks thoroughly with seasoning. If not using meat, add seasoning directly to vegetables.

:: 3 :: If using meat, cook it in saucepan (using a little bit of oil) until very nearly done. However, if you're using shrimp rather than chicken, pork, or beef, sautee the onions and peppers first, since shrimp cook really quickly and do not like to be overcooked.

:: 4 :: Mix in onions and peppers; cook until decently soft.

:: 5 :: Set meat and veggies aside and clear pan.

:: 6 :: Place a tortilla in the pan with just enough oil to fry (too much will make it gross and drippy - just a dab is enough). While tortilla is frying, arrange cheese (sliced or shredded) to fully cover the surface except the very edges. If you sliced the cheese very thick, you only have to cover half the tortilla.

:: 7 :: Add desired filling (veggies and meat from earlier) to one half of the tortilla as soon as you're done arranging the cheese. Using a spatula, carefully but swiftly fold the half of the tortilla without toppings over the other half, and press down to flatten.

:: 8 :: When the bottom is crispy, flip the entire quesadilla over. Lift out and serve with your choice of condiments. The ingredients here should be sufficient to make 2-3 of these quesadillas, depending on how much filling you like to have.