:: Aquamarine Stardust ::
Full Listing of Stories:
Andromeda 2012-10-24 50pp
Quintessence 2012-07-30 11pp
Urban Refrain 2010-10-24 5pp
La Petite Princesse 2010-02-25 8pp
Love Isn't a Promise 2009-10-31 10pp
Gnosis 2008-07-27 4pp
The Swordsmith's Daughter 2008-06-29 39pp
The Melody of Paradise 2008-05-05 3pp
Subway 2008-01-01 2pp
Sprite 2007-06-04 12pp
Rorrim 2007-05-30 23pp
Firefly 2006-12-23 8pp
This Song is My Love 2006-08-31 7pp
The World as We Know It 2006-08-18 4pp
The Best There Ever Was 2006-07-17 17pp
The Sun Is Always There 2006-07-08 1pp
Mistaken 2006-05-29 9pp
Steel 2006-05-23 2pp
Eyes 2006-04-28 1pp
Sight 2006-04-24 22pp
Vanishing without a Trace 2006-03-30 8pp
The Duel 2006-02-02 0pp
CW0 2 2006-01-28 2pp
Le Chemin de la Mort (Fr.) 2006-01-26 1pp
By Way of Death 2006-01-22 5pp
The Elevator 2006-01-21 3pp
Best Friends' Crisis 2005-12-26 2pp
The Teacher (Ranma 1/2 Fanfic) 2005-12-25 4pp
Tenderness 2005-12-25 3pp
Burning 2005-12-24 4pp
Fall in Love with Me When I Cadence on III 2005-12-13 2pp
The Water Bottle 2005-12-10 6pp
Dawn 2005-11-27 4pp
Bathroom 2005-11-21 3pp
A Case of Insecurity 2005-11-20 8pp
A Simple Coin Flip 2005-11-19 3pp
I Hate You Syndrome 2005-11-07 19pp
Love and Hate Don't Mean a Thing (aka Urban Apathy 2005-11-06 10pp
Princess Story 2005-10-10 3pp
Lucky Seven 2005-09-24 1pp
Inanimate 2005-09-03 4pp
XV 2005-08-18 2pp
Matrimony+ 2005-08-18 1pp
Unity Incarnate 2005-08-17 1pp
Storybook Fairy Tale 2005-08-07 10pp
Silence 2005-08-03 4pp
Safe 2005-07-16 11pp
XIV: A Death Worth Waiting For 2005-06-19 4pp
Saturday's Sunset Love Story 2005-06-14 1pp
Base Four 2005-06-12 1pp
Absentee 2005-06-02 32pp
Thirteen 2005-05-31 1pp
Peanut Butter and Jelly 2005-05-30 2pp
Being an Angel 2005-05-20 7pp
A Romantic Situation 2005-05-06 1pp
LILLY 2005-04-29 2pp
Starcrossed 2005-04-28 4pp
Safe Sidestory 2005-04-23 1pp
Perfect Regret 2005-03-28 16pp
Searching 2005-02-18 3pp
Triumvirate 2004-11-23 34pp
What do You Think, Natsumi? (GetBackers Fanfic) 2004-11-22 2pp
blister re desteve, oihostaziyn ņadru estos 2004-07-12 2pp
Exila 2004-05-16 36pp
The Wanderer 2004-04-30 16pp
Dream of Life 2004-04-30 73pp
Death 2004-04-21 2pp
The Thousandth Doll 2004-03-02 3pp
La Rose et L'Ane 2004-01-24 6pp
The Forest 2003-12-30 1pp
Tsubasa (aka Sky) 2003-12-27 2pp
Empty (pure) 2003-11-08 2pp
The Journey to Happiness 2003-11-07 3pp
The Journey to Happiness 2003-11-07 3pp
The Frozen Isle 2003-10-03 3pp
Beautiful Cattail Sorceress Heart 2003-10-03 6pp
Brittle Glass 2003-09-21 2pp
Joe and the Giant Slug 2003-09-15 1pp
The Moo 2003-09-01 2pp
The Math Test 2003-08-28 3pp
The Maple Tree 2003-06-05 2pp
Really Stupid Story (Naruto Fanfic) 2003-05-11 1pp
Splinters in the Wood (Naruto Fanfic) 2003-05-11 1pp
Anthem 4 2003-05-08 3pp
The Fishbowl 2003-04-20 31pp
Unnoticed Petals 2003-04-14 6pp
Violet Rain 2003-04-03 25pp
XII: Make the Blue Moon Rise 2003-02-01 21pp
A Tale of Simple Love 2002-03-12 2pp
Wind of Ten Thousand Tones 2002-01-21 21pp
Nisuna mew Norime 2002-01-03 0pp
The Fire 2002-01-02 54pp
godhood 2002-01-02 0pp
X: Dream of Life 2002-01-01 73pp
A Cup of Coffee and a Song 2002-01-01 3pp
Setsuno of the Cosmos (Cell Wars 11) 2001-11-25 19pp
The Fallen Feather 2001-11-03 3pp
The Aegun Empire 2001-09-19 1pp
Emptiness in My Heart 2001-05-01 42pp
Cell Wars 0: A Dream Never to Come True 2001-03-01 37pp
The Book about the Little Red Rock 1992-01-01 1pp
Cell Wars 10: Inheriting the Powers of Destruction 26pp
Juliya and Jason 2pp
My, My! What Do We Have Here? 2pp
Allergic to Love 0pp
Musical Silence 0pp
Wind of Ten Thousand Tones II 3pp
Poem Collection 11pp
Aizilina 14pp
Empty (Pure) 2pp
Daemon Girl Forever II 0pp