:: Aquamarine Stardust ::

Flash Projects

::Skiing Game::
A simple game where you try to dodge the trees and rocks. Make sure you click in the game before trying to use the arrow keys. A parody/fan-game of Ski Free on good old Windows 3.1.

A simple analog clock tied to your computer's time. Has chime and alarm options.

::The X-Gal Game::
You're an E-coli cell in the middle of the petri dish. Dodge the X-Gal or else you'll turn blue!

::Raspberry Melodia v. 1.4::
A very incomplete form of a digital dress-up paper doll. Exceedingly girly, but still so much fun :). One day, I'll go in there and give her a *real* wardrobe. I'm just too lazy.

::Aquamarine Stardust::
The origin of this website's name! This is basically a game engine using Flash - kind of cute but pointless as of now. I have put this on hiatus due to lack of time and, more importantly, discovery that it's using a phenomenal amount of CPU power, partially due to Flash's issues but also due to a bit of carelessness on my part.