Musical Compositions

Welcome to my music page! Collected here are my compositions from middle school up until the present. Naturally, I have gone through many, many changes in my style. The early pieces you find here (e.g. Symphony No. 10) are rather primitive; I have decided to include everything here, bad and good.

All songs 2001-2009 Justin Lo unless they are based on existing songs. Feel free to download for personal listening or analysis, but ask permission before distributing and always use my name in conjunction with them.

Guide to Indices:
000-199 Concertos
200-299 Symphonies
300-349 Chamber Music
350-399 Keyboard/Organ Works
400-499 Choral/Classical Voice
500-599 Vocal/Pop
600-699 Video Game Music
700-999 Songs

MP3s - Recordings and GPO (Finale 2008 output)
068 Violin Concerto No. 68
I envisioned this piece to be for violin and orchestra. Due to limited resources, I recorded it at my recital for violin and piano with my gracious and altruistic friend and fellow composer, Thomas. I think that the human element is best for recordings, but to get an idea for how I would hear this piece in my mind, you can listen to the first three minutes of the first movement played from my score through Finale GPO. May 2008

Violin and Piano: [Mvt I] [Mvt II] [Mvt III]
Violin and Orchestra (GPO), first three minutes: [Mvt I]

306 String Quartet No. 6 "Les Quatres Elements"
Please request MP3s by e-mail/chat. Mar 2007

307 String Quartet No. 7 (GPO)
A quick (1.5 hour) effort to record a state of mind. Really simple compared to the previous quartet. Sept 2008
[Mvt I]

308 Trio for Violin, Flute, and Piano (GPO)
I wrote this with the idea of having a chamber group with my girlfriend and her mom, but I never completed the finale because she wanted a cello part which I couldn't add after the fact. Nov 2008
[Mvt I] [Mvt II] [Mvt III - missing the coda]

309 Romance in A Major (GPO)
Another piece for my girlfriend, a violin and piano duet. The solo line incorporates a lot of improvisatory ornamentation which I sometimes change when I play it myself. July 2009

510 Untitled Song in a Pop-Jazz style. Sept 2009

901 Tranquil Ripples
A piece I wrote in memory of my late grandfather. Performed by me with my friend Jennifer on piano, who mastered the piece while I was frantically finishing the score at the same time.

Prior to switching to Finale 2008, I used Rhapsody and Finale 2003 which only supported MIDI output. I personally love the MIDI format because the file is so small, and moreover you can extract the score (i.e. sheet music) from them. But alas, no one sequences MIDIs anymore for current songs, which is a pity. Of course, GPO is a godsend if you can figure out how to use it meaningfully!

022 Violin Concerto No. 22 [Mvt I]
023 Violin Concerto No. 23 [Mvt I]
033 Violin Concerto No. 33 [Mvt I]
037 Violin Concerto No. 37 [Mvt I]
049 Violin Concerto No. 49 in d [Mvt I]
055 Violin Concerto No. 55 in b [Mvt I]
057 Violin Concerto No. 57 in a [Mvt II]
061 Violin Concerto No. 61 in d [Mvt I][Mvt II]
062 Violin Concerto No. 62 in d
065 Violin Concerto No. 65 in d
068 Violin Concerto No. 68 in D [Mvt I] [Mvt II] [Mvt III]
210 Symphony No. 10 in D [Mvt I]
222 Symphony No. 22 in d [Mvt I] [Mvt II] [Mvt III] [Mvt IV]
223 Symphony No. 23 in a
224 Symphony No. 24 in F [Mvt I] [Mvt II]
301 String Quartet No. 1 in b [Mvt I]
302 String Quartet No. 2 in A
303 String Quartet No. 3 in d
304 String Quartet No. 4 in G [Mvt III]
305 String Quartet No. 5 in Ab [Mvt II]
320 Duet in b minor for Violin and Cello
321 Experimental Variations for Varied Ensemble
350 Fugue in 3 Voices
351 Theme and Variations for Piano (6 variations)
360 Piano Sonata No. 1 in F
400 Cantus Mei
401 A Widow Bird Sat Mourning
500 It's Only a Meowy
501 Song 044
502 Dream of Life
503 Days of Sunflowers
504 Tomorrow
505 Summer's Beginning
506 Summer's Beginning (Music Box ver.)
507 Crime of Passion
508 My Wings
509 Aquamarine Stardust
600 Battle Theme
601 Boss Theme
602 Victory Theme
603 Game Over Theme
604 Dungeon Theme
612 Xmas Card Trk 02 - Bad Guy Theme
613 Xmas Card Trk 03 - Santa Claus Comes to Town - Messed up Remix
614 Xmas Card Trk 04 - Kyla's Theme
615 Xmas Card Trk 05 - Kyla's Second Theme
616 Xmas Card Trk 06 - The Journey
617 Xmas Card Trk 07 - Stealth
622 Xmas Card Trk 12 - Victory
623 Xmas Card Trk 13 - Santa Claus Comes to Town
624 Xmas Card Trk 14 - Return March
630 "The Starry Sky" (Aethereal Title)
631 "Belief" (BGM)
632 "Sister's Theme" (BGM)
633 "Little Town Road"
634 "School Bells"
635 "Jason's Theme" (BGM)
636 "Sunny Day" (BGM)
637 "Mica's Theme" (BGM)
638 "Sunset in the Park" (BGM)
639 "Enka Parody" (BGM)
700 Mod Music
701 Good Luck Song
762 Song 062 - Jazz
774 Song 074 - Old-fashioned Asian Ballad Parody
775 Song 075
776 Song 075 #2 - Love Song Piano
777 Song 077
781 Song 081 - Rap Test
900 The Star-Spangled Banner