:: About this site ::

This is a repository of my creative works of all types. I do not distinguish between different media, or between the liberal arts, fine arts, and science. Art is merely that miracle whereby the human mind is able to perceive a world and somehow return an imperfect reflection: a synthesis, a recombination, a reduction, an opinion.

The imagination occupies that gaping abyss between what little we know and the vastness of the universe. From that great unknown, there occasionally descend small and mysterious entities which liberate our minds, so that we may superimpose over the existing world our creations. Everyone has her own name for a shower of these celestial entities, but I prefer to call it a sprinkling of aquamarine stardust.

:: History ::

I first made websites in high school with my friend Stanley. It was unclear at the time what I really needed a website *for*, but I learned how to write html by hand (in notepad) and I've been doing it that way ever since. I had a brief stint with Frontpage, but once you realize how wonderful it is to define the page as you envision it, it's hard to go back.

I went through five iterations of a website called "Symphony of the Winds," never being quite satisfied with the layout and ease of access. I did have a soft spot for the Flash version of the site, but I couldn't find any easy way to interface that with my ambitions of databases and frequent updates, so that sits dormant.

AS is onto its second incarnation now, which may or may not be around for a long time.

:: Me ::

I am a medical student trained as an engineer. I love many things and hate few. Feel free to e-mail me at elusive.aria at gmail dot com.